Take a trip with me down memory lane as I share a story about my sweet Granny (pictured here) that’s sure to make you smile.

Over the years as I was growing up, we had dinner on the ground at church.  For those of you not familiar with the term, dinner on the ground is a potluck after church that is usually set up outside.  There are several tables loaded with food – salads, vegetables, main dishes and those wonderful made from scratch desserts.  It’s a southern thing y’all!  If you went away hungry, it was nobody’s fault but your own.  There were some mighty good cooks who had their own specialties they brought to any type of gathering where was food involved.

My Granny was always (I mean ALWAYS) expected to bring the chicken and dumplings.  They were the best in the world and my uncle and I would tease each other as to who would get to them first.  I think I had 5 helpings one Sunday and I’m sure I was about to bust (you know you don’t worry about calories when you’re young).  Sometimes Granny would add just a touch of yellow food coloring to the pot to add a little color (like yellow chicken broth).  Wouldn’t you know that one time when she was making a pot to take to dinner on the ground that she grabbed the red food coloring by mistake.  Into the pot it went and the chicken and dumplings turned pink!  Well, do you know what she did?  She went ahead and took those pink chicken and dumplings to church anyway!  Can you imagine the looks and comments about her much-loved chicken and dumplings that day?  Obviously, there were a lot of laughs, but it didn’t matter as they were still devoured as usual!

Granny is no longer with us and we miss her dearly, but she will be in our hearts forever.  She was a blessing to all who knew and loved her.

The chicken and dumplings story continued.  A few years before Granny’s passing, I sent her chicken and dumplings recipe to Gooseberry Patch and they included it in their Family Favorites cookbook.  Later, when they were asking for hometown memories, I submitted the story of her pink chicken and dumplings, which they included in their Hometown Favorites cookbook.

My family put together a memory table for Granny’s funeral service with pictures and other items from her home.  As one of her great loves was cooking, we put a rolling pin, mixing bowl, and her recipe box with handwritten and clipped recipes on the table.  The Family Favorites cookbook was placed in the mixing bowl and we also displayed a framed copy of her chicken and dumplings recipe from the book (I had given her the framed copy one year at Christmas). There were smiles and laughs during the eulogy when the pastor brought up the story of Granny’s pink chicken and dumplings.

One week after her passing, I received my complimentary copy of the Hometown Favorites cookbook with the pink chicken and dumplings story in it.  I was so touched by this and the timing was unbelievable.  It meant so much to know that her recipe and pink chicken and dumplings story would be read across the country.  It was such a wonderful tribute to a very special lady.  I later sent a letter to Vickie & Jo Ann at Gooseberry Patch to thank them and share a little bit about Granny so they would have a glimpse of the rest of the story behind the printed words.

I’ll be writing more about Granny later, but I just wanted to share this story to begin with.

In the words of an old hymn – Precious memories, how they linger…..

Blessings to you all.


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10 Responses to Granny’s “Pink” Chicken and Dumplings

  1. Kimby says:

    This is precisely why I subscribed to your blog. Heartwarming.

  2. Pam Hansen says:

    Aunt Hattie’s dumplings were famous!
    And she was so precious. I miss her too!

  3. Deb says:

    What a delightful story! I very much enjoyed reading about “Granny” and the pink chicken and dumplings! Cooking with a sense of time and place is always precious.

  4. Love this story and we’re so honored to have been a special part of your Granny’s legacy. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Wanda says:

    I was 7 when my grandma died and don’t have memories of us in the kitchen, but do remember her being in the kitchen all the time. My parents love the kitchen and is no wonder why I love to bake. I’m so fortunate to know you and read your blog with so beautiful memories from your family. Love ya’ dear friend!

  6. Summer says:

    Beautiful story Robin:o)

  7. Angie says:

    What a sweet story. I love these ole stories and the wonderful old recipes. Thanks for sharing both.

  8. […] story is still my Granny’s “Pink” Chicken and Dumplings.  Check it out by clicking here if you haven’t read […]

  9. Dear Robin, Your Granny was one of a kind. I would have loved to meet her. She was a spunky lady for sure!!! Absolutely loved this post Robin. XO

    • Robin says:

      She was a special lady for sure. We miss her so much and I’d love to have some of her chicken and dumplings again. I haven’t been able to duplicate them.

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