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Do you stock up on buy one-get one free deals at the grocery store?  I sure do and especially when a coupon can be used at the same time!  Don’t we all love a bargain?  This new cookie recipe came into play when Craisins were buy one-get one.  I usually buy just the Craisins to use in salads and other recipes, but last time I decided to get the Cranberry & Chocolate Trail Mix too.  I had the idea for these cookies back when I was baking my treats for the Great American Bake Sale, but time got the best of me and I wasn’t able to make them.

Let me tell you how these cookies went over at my house when I finally made them this past weekend.  When Mr. C (Mr. Chocoholic…aka my hubby) found out these cookies weren’t leaving the house for some special occasion, he was a happy man.  He ate two at first, then another and another.  I thought he was done after he’d consumed 5 and put the lid on the container.  Well, lo and behold, the next thing I knew, he was back into them again.  That’s 6 in one day and they are more than a two-bite cookie.  Now mind you, in his defense, this was within the span of several hours, but still y’all…I don’t think my waistline could handle that many in one day! 


Cranberry Chocolate Trail Mix Cookies | Simply Southern Baking


The trail mix (dried cranberries, chocolate chips, peanuts, almonds and cashews) combined with the vanilla chips and coconut gives you a burst of flavor in each bite.  Since the nuts are left whole in these cookies, you might get a cashew in one bite, almond in another and peanut in another.  Bake a batch today and see how quickly the cookie monsters at your house grab them up!  Happy Baking!


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7 Responses to Cranberry Chocolate Trail Mix Cookies

  1. katie says:

    These look and sound amazing! I absolutely love trail mix!

  2. Kimby says:

    Robin, I enjoy trail mix almost as much as I love bargains, too. Great idea to include them in a cookie — sounds like you’re going to need that “two for one” special keeping these in stock for Mr. C. :)

    • Robin says:

      That’s the truth Kimby…and they are BOGO until next Wednesday! I’ll sure pick up two more packages so I’m ready for the next batch.

  3. Lulu says:

    I have such a weakness for cookies, and yours have a combination of ingredients that are more than tempting. I happen to have all on hand so off to the kitchen!

  4. carolinaheartstrings says:

    Wow do those look terrific. Great ingredients. Come and visit us on Friday. We are having a great giveaway. Flip flops that you will love.

  5. I love the idea of trail mix in a cookie! How yummy.

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