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I know, it’s past Christmas and you’re probably not thinking about mint-flavored candy bark right now.  My world was a bit (well, let’s say a lot) crazy last month and there was no time to make the recipes I had planned.  Since these ingredients were already on hand just waiting to be thrown together and I finally had some free time, the kitchen was calling my name.  With only 3 ingredients, this candy is so easy to make.  Once you have one piece, you may find yourself going back soon for another…and another…and, you get the picture!




If you stocked up on candy at the after-Christmas sales and bought candy cane kisses, you’re all set to make this recipe.  If not, you can file it away until next season or maybe try another kiss flavor.  I did see some special Valentine’s kisses the other day….hmmm, might have to try a new flavor combination!

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8 Responses to Mint Chocolate Cookie Bark

  1. Wanda says:

    Great colors, looks cute for a Valentines candy to give out!
    love cookies & mint together.

  2. Kimby says:

    You made me smile, Robin — I don’t get all of my “food projects” made sometimes either, but they taste just as good later. :) I also enjoyed your photo of these — that looks like Spring!

  3. YUM! Those kisses are my favorite. I’d love for you to link this with my party, Crazy Sweet Tuesday! :)

  4. beti says:

    the color is lovely! and it looks fantastic

  5. Bake Up, Little Suzy says:

    Oh! I needed Valentine’s Day treat. This is perfect!

  6. How perfect are these for Valentine’s Day! LOVE!!!!

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