Do you ever find yourself with a taste for apple pie but really don’t have the time to make it (or better yet, the willpower to wait for a pie to cool)?  What if you could duplicate that taste in an easy to make cookie and add toffee to boot?  Then look no further…these cookies just might satisfy your craving to a T!  As these cookie bites start with a sugar cookie mix, you’ll have these babies in the oven in no time at all.  Once the cookies have cooled and the glaze is set, it’s time to enjoy these sweet bites of apple pie bliss! 

I created this recipe last year for the Great American Bake Sale but baked it in a tart pan and cut the cookies into wedges.  I’ve been planning to make these again in miniature muffin tins as the wedges wanted to crumble when cutting (guess the apples made it too moist…not a bad thing, huh?).  I added the glaze for a little something extra (doubly good since there is apple pie spice in the cookies and the glaze). 

Happy Baking my friends!

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19 Responses to Toffee Apple Pie Cookie Bites

  1. Cookies that taste like apple pie? and the addition of toffee – – I think I’ve entered heaven 😉 YUM!!

  2. Wanda says:

    Oh, Robin, I’m sure Alex is going to love this one!

  3. Delicious! I would love to have a few of these right now.

  4. cassie says:

    these are gorgeous, Robin. I love the combo of flavors!

  5. Aggie says:

    Oh I remember these very well!! I wish I could pop one in my mouth right now. They are so delicious!

  6. carolinaheartstrings says:

    Wow do those look terrific. I cannot wait to try these out!

  7. This looks and sounds amazing! I love Apple pie and these little cookie bites sound perfect!!!

  8. Bonnie Raines says:

    the recipe for the apple pie bites sounds so good, thank you

  9. shelly 1 says:

    These sound so amazing! I could easily eat 50!

  10. Bella says:

    Oh my goodness, these look delicious! I just had to pin them to Pinterest. I hope this meets with your approval! :)

  11. Sue says:

    The recipe calls for 1 c. finely chopped dried apples. To clarify, is it 1 c. dried apples measured before they are cut or are the apples chopped and then measured to 1 c ???

  12. ginger says:

    I made these and they came out crispy and dry.what did i do wrong

    • Robin says:

      Ginger, not sure what the problem is unless your oven actually runs hotter than the temperature set (this can be checked with an oven thermometer). Sounds like they needed to be baked a little less…always check them at the minimum time. Another note – I use real butter in the recipe instead of margarine.

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