If you like rich and buttery cookies that melt in your mouth, you’ve got to add these cookies to your must make list right now.  With 3 sticks of butter in them, you know they’ve just got to be good!  That’s right…3 sticks!  When I was looking for something easy to make for the recent Food Blogger Bake Sale, I remembered these freeze and slice cookies that I hadn’t made in quite some time.  The original recipe was just a plain cookie that I made a few tweaks to as well as added toffee bits and walnuts.  I can’t even begin to tell you how good these cookies turned out…we couldn’t keep out of them! 

Here’s a funny story about the cookies.   I came home from the bake sale with a few bags of the cookies (we had a lot of sweets there).  Hubby was glad he could dig back into these.  Anyway, here’s what happened the next day.  A friend of ours (Mr. T) stopped by to chat for a few minutes with my hubby in the garage.  I gave him a bag of 4 cookies to take home to share with his wife (Mrs. J).  While Mr. T was still here, Mrs. J rode her bike over.  When she came in the house, I told her I’d given Mr. T a bag of cookies to take home.  She said, “What cookies?  He ate them all!”  Now y’all, that was only about 10 minutes after I gave them to him and these aren’t small cookies!  I then gave Mrs. J her own cookies and headed straight to the garage to tell Mr. T not to touch them.  It was all in good fun, but that just goes to show you how fast these disappear.  By the way, Mrs. J called me later raving about the cookies.  She took them home with her on the bike instead of putting them in the car with Mr. T just to be sure he didn’t eat them on the way home!

These cookies keep well for several days…if they last that long!  You can always slice and bake one pan of dough now and save the rest to bake later. 


Source:  Adapted from Pillsbury’s Butterscotch Freeze ‘n Slice Cookies

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4 Responses to Buttery Toffee Walnut Cookies

  1. These look amazing, Robin! Love that buttery crunch!

    • Robin says:

      Thanks Kelly. I love it that these cookies are good days later…meaning I don’t have to give them all away!

  2. Carey says:

    I just found your blog throughout Picky Palate. I love to bake too. 😉 this recipe looks yummy!

    • Robin says:

      Thanks Carey. So glad you found my blog through Picky Palate. Jenny is a friend of mine with a sweet tooth like mine! Hope you visit often. :)

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