Chocolate-Dipped Florida Strawberries


Now who likes chocolate-dipped strawberries?  I do, I do!!  Take a look at these luscious strawberries that Strawberry Sue surprised me with!  Sue is the Director of Marketing for the Florida Strawberry Growers Association (FSGA) and we’ve been following each other on Twitter for quite some time now.  She was in town recently and we had a chance to meet for the first time.  Can I tell you how excited I was that she brought along these strawberries just for me?

Let me tell you, my first bite of one of these chocolate-dipped strawberries was pure bliss…it was so juicy that it dripped on my shirt and I have the red stain to prove it (no problem since it was one of those shirts that I only wear around the house…you know what I’m talking about)!  Oh my goodness y’all.  These are over the top awesome!  We cut some up and put over pound cake too…yummm!!!

How would you like to make some of these delectable chocolate-dipped strawberries for yourself or to give away for Valentine’s Day next week?  There’s no time like the present while these sweet strawberries are in season.  Here’s the recipe (which I’m sharing with permission from the FSGA).


I could hardly wait to get home and try these beauties!  My sweet surprise from Sue consisted of a big pan of dipped strawberries along with ones on cake pop sticks, a container of fresh strawberries and a cute stuffed Jammer (the FSGA mascot).  Wouldn’t you be doing the happy dance too?  Of course, the white chocolate-dipped strawberry was my absolute favorite (notice how juicy the strawberry was after I took a bite)!  Check out Sue’s video on making the cute tuxedo strawberries shown above. 

Valentine’s Day is only a week away…better start planning!

Source:  Florida Strawberry Growers Association (posted with permission)


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One Response to Chocolate-Dipped Florida Strawberries

  1. Ha ha, Robin — I put on one of “those” shirts this morning before heading into my kitchen — why ruin another one? Saw your gorgeous strawberries on G+ — what a treat to see the rest of the photos & read the story behind them in your post. Delish!

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