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Have you ever had a pecan pie without pecans?  I can hear most of you right now saying, “What?  That can’t be.  That’s what makes it a pecan pie!  Have you lost your mind Robin?”  Did I pretty much hit the nail on the head?  Well, it can be…just ask Christy Jordan of Southern Plate.  Her recipe for Faux Pecan Pie is just that!

As I was looking through Christy’s new Come Home to Supper Cookbook trying to decide what I wanted to make first, this recipe was at the top of the list.  She uses crushed pretzels instead of pecans in this pie and you’ll be amazed at how much it tastes like the real thing.  In fact, a baking friend of mine thought it was pecan pie.  While she was enjoying her first slice, she asked what the “faux” was in the pie.  When I told her there were no pecans and pretzels instead, she was totally surprised!  You really need to make this pie.  Put it on your Thanksgiving menu…it’s perfect for those with nut allergies.  I’m interested to know how many others are fooled too and still call it a pecan pie. 


Faux Pecan Pie | Simply Southern Baking


Make sure to stay tuned for my upcoming giveaway to win a copy of Christy Jordan’s Come Home to Supper Cookbook.  You don’t want to miss this!

Permission was given to post recipe as written.


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