Don’t you have times where you talk and talk about doing something and then everyday life gets in the way before you finally get around to it?  We’d been talking for several months about making the 2+ hour drive to Sarasota to visit Yoder’s Amish Restaurant Village and the timing just didn’t work out for one reason or another.  Well, hubby surprised me last month on our anniversary and decided it was time to make a day of it by taking this little road trip to celebrate.  As we have friends who had been there and had checked out the web site a few times, we knew this would be a fun time.  Next to the restaurant, there’s a produce market, deli market and gift shop…lots to do.  

Yoder’s Restaurant serves Amish comfort food with everything cooked from scratch.  We both ordered the chicken dinner and my plate of food is shown above…yummm!!  There’s also fresh homemade bread served with your meal…just add butter and you’re all set.  Would you believe they cook over 2000 pounds of chicken each week?  Now that’s a lot of chicken y’all!  Since they start with a 5 pound chicken, the pieces are huge.  The chicken is cooked in a pressure fryer which holds in the juices.  Someone at the table next to us ordered meatloaf and it looked like it would feed a family of 4!  You won’t go away hungry, that’s for sure.


There are 130 pies a day made at the restaurant and over 25 varieties…too many to choose from.  Hubby had the chocolate pecan pie and I couldn’t decide between their famous peanut butter pie or coconut cream pie.  When I mentioned my dilemma to our server, he suggested one of each in a dessert pie taster.  He explained this was half a piece of pie in a cup.  OK, one of each it was…or at least I thought.  As soon as I got to the bottom of the peanut butter pie taster, I realized how full I was and knew I wouldn’t be able to take even one bite of the coconut cream one.  No problem…we brought a cooler as we thought we’d probably be bringing food home anyway.  Sort of nice to have the leftovers the next day!  Photos above show our desserts and a display of pies.


 On the wall in the restaurant…love this!


Mural on the side of the Produce Market


Produce Market – jams, jellies, vegetables, fruit and more…all at great prices!


Deli Market – salads, meat, cheese, snacks and more baked goods


Check out all the different whoopie pies at the deli market.  I resisted…really I did!  Won’t say the same the next time we go.



We also visited the gift shop (sorry I didn’t get any photos).  They carry a wide variety of Amish-made quilts, toys, dolls, gifts and treats.  A new cookbook found its way home with me (of course).

If you’re ever in Sarasota, make sure you visit Yoder’s Amish Restaurant Village.  You’ll be glad you did.  There’s a video on their web site about the restaurant that’ll make you drool.  I can’t wait to go back!


We headed over to Longboat Key after we left Yoder’s.  The drive along the beach was just gorgeous.  It was such a beautiful day and a special way to celebrate!

All photos are taken with my phone.

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5 Responses to Yoder’s Amish Restaurant Village

  1. Christy Clark says:

    I love Yoder’s. My daughter’s best friend throughout elementary and high school is a grandson to the owners. I got two of their pies every holiday from him. :) Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    • Robin says:

      Oh, I’d be in big trouble if I lived close to Yoder’s…especially with all those pies! Think we may try breakfast next time. :)

  2. Robin,
    What a great day you had! Yoder’s sounds AMAZING & is definitely going on my must do list. Now I’ll be combing your blog for other Florida recommendations. 😉

    • Robin says:

      You really need to check it out Denise. Make sure you take a cooler like we did…there will be leftovers!

  3. Happy Anniversary (a bit after the fact), Robin! Sounded like a wonderful outing to celebrate. I was thinking there’s comfort food and then there’s Amish Comfort Food… mmmmmmm. :) Their produce market looks fresh and fabulous, too.

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