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It’s hard to believe that a new year has begun.  Last year flew by so fast…it was like I blinked and it was gone!  Did it seem that way to you?  With the start of a new year, many of you are making resolutions and setting goals.  If you’re still pondering on this, maybe these ABC’s of a Happy New Year shared with me several years back will give you some ideas and inspiration.  I posted this two years ago, but I’m sharing again for those who may have missed it.

Wishing you all a bright new year filled with joy, happiness and many blessings. 



Affirm the gifts and talents of others

Believe in the hope of a brighter tomorrow

Care for those closest to your heart

Decide to get better at something each day

Execute your plans and strategies

Forgive someone who has wronged you

Give twice as much as you receive

Help someone accomplish their dreams

Initiate a cheerful greeting and a smile

Joke around and create some laughter

Kindle the spark in a relationship

Lift someone’s spirits with kindness

Mentor someone with great potential

Note your biggest fear and conquer it

Observe the needs of those around you

Pray for someone less fortunate than you

Quit your negative self talk and think positive

Read something that challenges you to act

Sing a song with all your heart

Touch someone with tenderness and grace

Utilize your highest strengths to bless others

Volunteer with a charity

Work smarter not harder

Xpect the best and prepare for the worst

Yield to wise counsel and seek it often

Zealously pursue your passion and make a difference


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  1. Robin, I’m so glad you reposted this. What a great list… thoughtful, considerate, a blessing! Thank you.

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