Easy to make treat with only 3 ingredients!

Strawberry Lemon Cookie Bark - easy to make with only 3 ingredients!


Whether you’re looking for something yummy to make with the kids after school or a last minute sweet treat to give to a neighbor, I’ve got you covered with my Strawberry Lemon Cookie Bark.  With only 3 ingredients and a few steps to the recipe, this treat will be ready in no time.  Surprise the kids one day with some kitchen fun and get them to crush up the cookies.  Of course, they’re bound to be popping a few in their mouth too!


Strawberry Lemon Cookie Bark


This cookie bark can be packed up to give as a food gift for just about any occasion.  You could pack in a plastic bag tied with a pretty ribbon, a mason jar, coffee cup, cookie tin…you name it.  If your kids are old enough, they could make this by themselves for a teacher gift.  They’ll be mighty proud to say they made this all on their own.  Enjoy!


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