A collection of food gift mixes for busy bakers.

8 Cookie and Brownie Mixes in a Jar


Do you have friends and family that like to bake but sometimes say they just don’t have the time?  There’s a way you can help them out by gifting them with a cookie or brownie mix in a jar as a shortcut.  All they have to do is add a few things to the mix and the treats are ready to bake. 

Here’s a collection of 6 cookie and 2 brownie mixes in a jar.  Take your pick and make a few to give away for Christmas this year.  The brownie mixes are gluten-free, but the recipes also provide options that aren’t gluten-free.   The jars can be dressed up with festive ribbon and/or labels.


8 Cookie and Brownie Mixes in a Jar

1.  DIY Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar (52 Kitchen Adventures)
2.  Gift in a Jar: Walnut Cocoa Brownies – gluten-free (Snixy Kitchen)
3.  M&M Cookie Mix in a Jar (Celebrating Sweets)


8 Cookie and Brownie Mixes in a Jar

4.  DIY Brownie Mix Jars – gluten-free (Ari’s Menu)
5.  Mason Jar Cookie Mix (Donuts, Dresses and Dirt)
6.  Sour Cherry White Chocolate Oatmeal Mason Jar Cookies (Nutmeg Nanny)


8 Cookie and Brownie Mixes in a Jar

7.  Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies  in a Jar (The Creative Bite)
8.  Candy Cookies in a Jar (Alida’s Kitchen)


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2 Responses to 8 Cookie and Brownie Mixes in a Jar

  1. maria says:

    These make the perfect hostess gifts for this holiday season! Love it.

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