A collection of chocolate recipes shared by bloggers across the country in memory of Joan from Chocolate, Chocolate and More

A Chocolate Tribute for Joan - 90+ chocolate recipes from her friends


Calling all chocolate lovers.  You know who you are.

This is a very special collection of chocolate recipes.  It’s one post I wish there wasn’t a reason to write.

As mentioned in my last post, Joan Hayes (the creator of Chocolate, Chocolate and More) passed away recently.  She was such an important part of the food blogging community and many have posted remembrances of her….what she meant to them, help she unselfishly offered and so much more.  We have all been grieving in our own way.  It’s one of those times where we wished we all lived closer and could cry, hug and love on each other in person instead of through our virtual world.  We’re like family.

Here are a couple of my chocolate memories of Joan at Food Blog Forum last year in Asheville.  At the welcome reception, we got to fill our swag bags with local products set out on the counter.  There were these big chocolate bars stacked up from French Broad Chocolates and Joan asked for another one.  Sadly, they said it was only one per person.  Then, on the night of the restaurant crawl where we went in groups to several different restaurants, Joan made sure she found out which group would be stopping by French Broad Chocolates and off the bus we went with that bunch.  She loved her chocolate.

Some of the Facebook groups I’m a part of are related to recipe roundups.  In one of those groups, I asked anyone who wanted to participate to share a chocolate recipe in Joan’s honor.  The response was overwhelming and heartwarming with over 90 recipes shared.  You’ll find a recipe link here from each blogger who responded.  A big thank you from the heart for all who shared recipes for this special tribute to our dear friend.

Think of Joan when you make these recipes and eat a piece of chocolate in her memory.

We miss you Joan.  Continued prayers to your family.

Now, get ready to drool and smack your lips at these amazing chocolate recipes.


Note:  top row is listed first, then bottom row under each collage

A Chocolate Tribute for Joan Collage 1


A Chocolate Tribute for Joan Collage 2


A Chocolate Tribute for Joan Collage 3


A Chocolate Tribute for Joan Collage 4

More chocolate recipes from Joan’s friends:

These recipes are from responses in just one Facebook group.  For more posts and recipes dedicated to Joan, click here for a list put together by Mary from Barefeet in the Kitchen.  Thank you Mary.  Follow the hashtag #chocolateforjoan for recipes and posts.

Please visit Chocolate, Chocolate and More for lots of chocolate and other recipes.  Share her recipes with your family and friends, as well as on social media.  Every visit and share help support her blog and family.


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26 Responses to A Chocolate Tribute for Joan (90+ Chocolate Recipes)

  1. Rachel Cooks says:

    What an awesome list! Joan would love it. <3

  2. Wow – Joan would have loved this round-up! So glad we can honor her amazing spirit by sharing stories about her life and of course, by sharing lots of chocolate too. Hugs!

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks for including me. As you said, I wish there wasn’t a reason to do it, but having done it, I think Joan would love it.

  4. What a lovely tribute. Thanks for putting this together!

  5. Tara says:

    Joan would be thrilled with all of these wonderful chocolate recipes. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. She will be truly missed.

  6. marcie says:

    What a lovely tribute for Joan! Thank you so much for including my macarons. :)

  7. Janet says:

    This made me cry… For the loss of Joan and the fact that I still have that huge bar of chocolate in my pantry! Had I known she was after an extra bar, I would have gladly given it to her!


  8. Simply lovely of you to do this. She has left a hole in the blogging community. Sending love and hugs to her family.

  9. Nettie says:

    I can’t type through the tears. Miss you Joan, you are so loved and missed. Such a wonderful tribute, so beautiful and delicious! Love, Nettie

  10. Jenn L says:

    My heart goes out to Joan’s family and all the lives she so clearly touched. Thanks so much for putting this together in her honor <3

  11. Liz says:

    I met Joan at the same FBF where I first met you! What a marvelous tribute—Joan would have loved every word and every recipe!

  12. Valentina says:

    What a lovely tribute & a fabulous collection of chocolate! Thank you for linking to my chocolate bread. :-)

  13. What a beautiful collection in honor of such a special woman; she will be missed so much. You are so sweet and thoughtful to put this together, Robin! Everything looks delicious (I confess, I am a serious chocolate-lover!), and thank you so much for including me, friend. xoxo

    • Robin says:

      Thanks for your contribution to this special tribute for our dear friend. Let me know what you make out of this collection first…I’d have a hard time deciding. :)

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