A sweet, salty, crunchy and savory apple crisp all rolled into one.

Apples, cheese, bacon and buttery crackers come together to make a sweet, salty, crunchy and savory apple crisp all rolled into one. #FWCon #WisconsinCheese

Are you a cheese and apple fan?  Maybe you top your apple pie with a slice of cheese, perhaps you munch on a slice of apple with a piece of cheese for a quick pick-me-up, or maybe you enjoy this combination another way.  BUT….have you ever thought of adding bacon to the mix?

Apples, cheese and bacon.  Doesn’t that sound good?  Absolutely!

Cheddar Apple Bacon Crisp

Wait until you try my new recipe for Cheddar Apple Bacon Crisp.  It’s sweet, salty, crunchy and savory all at the same time.  This crisp is easy to put together and can be served warm or at room temperature, making it a great dish for a summer picnic, potluck or to just serve your family.

Cheddar Apple Bacon Crisp

The idea for this special dish came to me when I was brainstorming ideas on what to create for the 2015 Wisconsin Cheese Recipe Contest.  I had written down notes for possible recipes, but as soon as this idea popped in my head, I knew this was what I wanted to create.  Let me tell you, the freshly shredded cheddar cheese along with the bacon and buttery cracker topping brings this apple crisp over the top….to the max!  Give it a try.

Cheddar Apple Bacon Crisp

Wisconsin Cheese is a sponsor of the Food and Wine Conference and this contest.  There will be 3 winners at different levels – check it out.  Hoping this recipe “brings home the bacon” for me.   You know I just had to say that!


An apple crisp with a twist. Sweet, salty, crunchy and savory all at the same time.


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