Easy-to-make DIY goodie bags for Thanksgiving leftovers. 

Easy-to-make Thanksgiving Goodie Bags for leftovers.

We’re fast approaching Thanksgiving and I’m really looking forward to a bounty of good food.  Our family does it up right with enough food to last for a few days.  You know what that means….no cooking and plenty of leftovers.  YAY!!!

When it comes to leftovers, we usually grab whatever containers we can find….butter, Cool Whip and sour cream containers put in a box or plastic bag are the norm for us.  This year will be different.  Check out these nifty DIY Thanksgiving Goodie Bags I made to transport the leftovers.

Thanksgiving Goodie Bags

There’s still time to make a few of these for your family or guests to take home a bag full of leftovers.   If you’re heading to a gathering at someone else’s house, take a few to hand out to others taking leftovers home.   They’ll like having their own decorated goodie bag!

Thanksgiving Goodie Bags

Here’s all you need to make these special bags:

  • Fall or Thanksgiving fabric (I got all mine at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
  • Brown paper bags with handles
  • Wonder-Under paper-backed fusible web


Thanksgiving Goodie Bags

Cut out fabric sections with enough border around fabric piece to place the fusible web on the back.


Thanksgiving Goodie Bags

Cut fusible web to cover design on fabric piece (slightly smaller than fabric piece).  Place rough side of fusible web against wrong side of fabric.  Press for 5 to 8 seconds with hot, DRY iron.  Let cool.


Thanksgiving Goodie Bags

Cut fused fabric into desired shapes with scissors or pinking shears.


Thanksgiving Goodie Bags

Gently peel paper backing off fused pieces (if web has not fused to piece, you may need to press again for a few seconds).  Place one fabric piece on paper bag and cover with press cloth (DO NOT skip the press cloth).  With iron at dry wool setting, press each piece to paper bag for 10-15 seconds (press firmly).  Repeat, lifting and overlapping iron until piece is fused.  Repeat for all fabric pieces on bag.  Note:  A dry press cloth is used since you are adhering fabric to a paper bag (a damp cloth would wrinkle the bag).  Muslin can be used for a press cloth.


Thanksgiving Goodie Bags

This fabric was easy to cut since the design was already in squares.


Thanksgiving Goodie Bags

I think this is my favorite of the bunch.  I really like the look of the pieces cut with pinking shears.


Thanksgiving Goodie Bags large 2


That’s all there is to it!  Let me know how yours turn out.


Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the day!

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